Two Sources in One Process Flow

Mapping Different Database Source into Database Target 

It is imperative for process automation technologies to be dynamic, accessible, affordable, and easy to  use. These attributes are readily available in Adeptia and it helps in setting rich workflows for complex business processes. 

Adeptia provides a heavy duty enterprise class solution to integrate applications, processes, and data. It offers a process centric approach to solve critical integration problems. The solution offers end-to-end process automation and application integration capabilities to manage enterprise-wide data flows and applications. 

In this video, we will show how to use, powerful Adeptia Interface to create an orchestration for merging multiple sources into a single database with the help of Join Mapping function. The use case covers:

  • Identifying two different database sources
  • Mapping the database sources into single database output
  • Using multiple stream options to connect input streams into mapping
  • See run-time results in a process flow log dashboard